Synaptics announces ChiralMotion tech

Synaptics’ new ChiralMotion technology provides the option for an advanced gesture that would be an innovative alternative compared to conventional scrolling that we now employ in cellphones and other portable devices. Users will be able to apply one continuous circular motion in order to initiate precise and fine-tuned scrolling on any 2D input surface, such as a Synaptics TouchPad, NavPoint and ClearPad solutions found in many mobile devices these days. It will ultimately target feature-rich cellphones, PNDs, PMPs, and notebooks. Scrolling down an impossibly long document on your notebook’s touchpad will be made easy with ChiralMotion, although there is always the “Page Down” key to bail you out if all else fails. ChiralMotion technology can already be found in PC peripheral and mobile devices with more to come later this year. More benefits and features are available after the jump.

  • Ultra-compact designs are possible with ChiralMotion technology. The same amount of sensor space supports more functionality.
  • With ChiralMotion, the entire surface of a TouchPad or ClearPad is available for scrolling, allowing a wide range of scrolling with a single gesturefrom the longest distances to the finest, most precise movements.
  • ChiralMotion scrolling is achieved by making one smooth continuous circular motion. Traditional scrolling methods require repetitive motions that are fatiguing.
  • ChiralMotion blends fine positioning control with rapid scrolling through lengthy lists. Its easy to quickly change the direction of scrolling by reversing the direction of motion.
  • ChiralMotion scrolling continues until the user’s finger lifts off the surface of the TouchPad or ClearPad.

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