Toshiba offers new 1.8-inch HDDs Toshiba leads the way again with its new range of 1.8″ hard drives that target both computer and consumer electronics (CE) applications. The high capacity 120GB model that will be used in notebooks as well as the single platter 80GB and 60GB models targeting the UMPC and portable handheld CE devices are the main highlights. The 120GB MK1214GAH, the 60GB MK6028GAL and the lightweight 80GB MK8025GAL all weigh two grams less than traditional 5-millimeter-high 1.8″ HDDs, boasting a PATA interface, 2MB buffer and 512 byte-per-sector format. As for the 60GB, 5mm high MK6014GAL, it comes with a 4,200 RPM spin speed and 2MB buffer for faster data throughput, while the MK6015GAA supports a 3,600 RPM spin speed for quieter operation. Guess hard drive-based CE products next year will definitely up the ante where storage is concerned.

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