2GB Cell Phone Watch

Another day, another cell phone watch. This GSM offering features the following specifications for you to act out your Dick Tracy fantasies :-

  • Network: GSM 900/1800MHz
  • 2GB internal memory
  • Interface language: Chinese, English, French, Russian, Arabic, Vietnamese
  • SIM card: unlocked
  • Screen: 1.3″ touch screen
  • Camera: 1.3 megapixels
  • Multimedia: MP3/MP4 file playback
  • GPRS support
  • Bluetooth: A2DP
  • microSD memory card slot

Available in black or white colors, you can pick up this standard cell phone watch for $155. Remember to get a Bluetooth headset to go along with it so that you won’t look too ridiculous talking to your wrist (although it sounded like a cool idea back in the early 1990s). A 1.3″ touch screen isn’t much space to move around in, so having a tiny stylus is a must.

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