Will Sony Do a PlayStation Phone Alone or With Sony Ericsson?

Marketing week has an article that mentions how Sony might be preparing to launch a PlayStation mobile phone which could be based on the PSP. The site reports that relations between the two companies have been “frosty” and that Sony believed that giving away its Walkman brand was a mistake. Obviously, it depends what Sony would have done with it other than building MP3 players that are far from being market leaders. I can see why it would be tempting to bank on the PlayStation brand, which is in my opinion the most recognized brand that Sony has today. However, Sony needs a lot more than a brand. They need a great phone with great software in it… it just happens that Sony is a hardware company that doesn’t have the software capabilities to competitively build a great user experience (OS, Apps…). Sony, it’s time to care about software. At the moment, no sony official have commented on the matter. Note: Technically speaking, the PSP platform could become a mobile plaform (with the addition of the radiopart…)

”PSP Phone” Patent 03/2008
Another “PSP Phone” at the FFC 06/2007

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