The Tmobile/Google Announcement has started. You can see it live at:

announcement.t-mobileg1.comOfficial product page

Or come back to this page from time to time if you don’t have time to watch it live.

Update: Google posted this video on Youtube. It shows how Android works and how the user interface looks.

8:14: Ok that’s it, family photo time. Thanks for following this with us.

8:09: The Google Founder come on-stage (Larry and Sergei): Sergei: “I’m a geek”. Sergei shows an Android app that he coded – it measures the phone acceleration when thrown in the air. Sergei is basically praising the openness of the platform. Larry talks about the fact that there are 3 Billion phones out there and that they will eventually all become Internet terminals.

8:08: Question : will G1 work internationally? Answer: Yes, on GSM networks

8:08: Question : iTunes and Skype? Answer: No iTunes compatibility. No Skype at the moment.

8:07: the GMAIL experience is pretty robust (executive panel on stage)

8:07: What’s the target audience? Answer: “this is a mass market device” (for everyone, mostly consumers but also business). note: they would need Exchange support for business.

8:06: Is it going to use the Chrome Browser? Answer: It is a “Chrome Light” based on Webkit.

8:05: This will be T-Mobile’s biggest marketing campaign ever

8:04: SIMLock question: will the G1 get unlocked by third parties, hackers? Answer: Probably

8:03: The best experience will be over WIFI or T-Mobile 3G network

8:02: No desktop sync – only over the air

8:02: Will the G1 support Push Email? Answer: GMail is “push”, so yes

8:01: Will the device be locked to T-Mobile? Answer: YES

8:00: Office file support? Answer: read Word, PDF, Excel. No Exchange Server support yet

8:00: Will it work as a modem? Answer: NO

7:58: European launch: UK (November) , rest of Europe in the 3rd quarter

7:57: Price $179 – T-mobile customers can order it now, and it will ship on Oct 22. Plans: $25 (limited) & $35 (unlimited Internet and SMS)

7:56: Q&A time for 15mn

7:55: T-Mobile invites developers on stage. There’s an app that allows you to look up a product bar code and perform a price comparison. This is not new, but has never been executed properly in the past.

7:52: 3rd parties will drive the innovation. No-one prevents developers to do or distribute an application (in an apparent stab at Apple). The video shows a bunch of happy developers and participant in the Android eco-system.

7:50: Android Market: Download applications

7:48: Demo continued: web browser is demoed: Zoom, multiple web pages. The zoom doesn’t seem has cool as the iPhone, but it’s based on “blocks” of content, so it might end up being faster.

7:45: video DEMO + overview of the features. Amazon music download. Multitasking. *Real* Keyboard, Google Maps (+compass more).

7:43: Google G1 Finally Announced, with a short clip a la iPhone – snap photos. T-Mobile invites the attendees to play with the demo units.

7:41: “The mobile internet was not very compelling” – due to a lack of applications. T-Mobile says that with the openess of the G1, great applications will pop.

7:40: “The G1 will change how people consume the Internet”

7:38: Execs from T-Mobile, HTC and Google are congratulating each other for building the G1 and the Android open platform

7:33: TheT-mobile G1 has just been announced for the U.S and in Europe.

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