Microsoft's WARP Provides a High-Performance Software version of DirectX 10

A recent update in the Microsoft developer network (MSDN) mentions WARP10, a new feature that stands for Windows Advanced Rasterization Platform. It also sounds like a trekky reference to a theoretical maximum speed… Anyway, WARP is a software implementation of DirectX 10 and 10.1 that is supposedly fast enough to replace basic (Intel integrated) graphics processors. Most computers come with some form of graphics-acceleration, but this means that even non-accelerated platforms will be able to run Vista’s Aero interface and entry-level graphics applications

In the past, Microsoft software implementation of DirectX was only used as a very slow “reference” for developers, meaning: “if your hardware produces something that’s different from the reference, you have a bug”. Warp was built to be actually be useable in by consumers.WARPis not builtto replace GPUs, but to fill the gap for older or weaker hardware in relativelylow-performance situations. Overall, it’s quite a positive move from Microsoft.

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