Marisa Mayer on Google in 2009

By Ravit Lichtenberg (blog)

[LeWeb 08, Paris] Marisa Mayer, Google Vice President of Search Product and User Experience, sat down with Michael Arrington, TechCrunch founder and Loic Le Meur, LeWeb and Seesmic founder at LeWeb08.Some highlights from the conversation are below:

  • The word LOVE is one of the most translated words on Google translator
  • iGoogle and Causes—have been reaching out to artists and designers to develop themes for iGoogle
  • Google has millions of Chrome users. The big priorities are getting out of beta bringing out Linux and Mac, making it even more the world class app it is.
  • Google has two different types of betas: Client Software, which is under stringent definition of beta in the industry, focusing on getting bugs out and User Beta which are less defined and can be kept in this state as long as there are important advances still to be made.
  • Google Search Wiki- Arrington has written about his dismay with the tool. He calls it “abomination that appeared” the “really ugly stuff and all the spam comments that fall underneath that.” Marisa promises the ability to turn off the Wiki will be added soon. “How soon?” Arrington wants to know.
  • Local search will be a big focus for Google in 2009. Currently search and commerce do not provide a way to understand what services and buying option are available to consumers. Google wants to be the one to fill that gap.
  • With regard to incorporating user feedback, Mayer says Google prides itself on innovating. “Some of the best ideas come from our users,” says Mayer.

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