World Of Warcraft Restaurant

See where passion and a strong entrepreneurial spirit can get you? A man from Beijing, China, is so in love with World of Warcraft that he has opened a similarly themed restaurant with dishes inspired from Azeroth (didn’t know orcs and the undead were so cultured to have cooked food but never mind the details). Once you’re done with your gastronomic feast, you can always log onto the many terminals at the restaurant to have a go at your WoW account. The owner doesn’t skimp when it comes to making an impact, where the entrance of his restaurant is a real-life replica of the opening animation from the game. As for the dining area, it has been dubbed the Hall of Snow Storms, boasting large plasma screens that depict in-game action, in addition to a World Tree right smack in the middle of the room for added authenticity. Is this dedication or what?

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