Asus F70SL Gets Dual Hard Drives

Asus makes the headlines yet again with the F70SL notebook which is the first in the world that offers dual hard drives, making it reach a total of 1TB for those who are space-starved on their curret rigs. It will be one large notebook to tote around though, so those who attend road shows and conferences might want to think twice before picking this as their traveling workstation of choice. It is more of a desktop replacement model as the F70SL is the first 17.3″ notebook with a 16:9 aspect ratio in the world, taking on a stylish cue that is not only pretty to look at but practical as well – it is durable against surface abrasions without losing its glossy surface look despite long hours of use down the road. No word on pricing, but don’t expect the Asus F70SL to come cheap.

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