Bandai Onna Dameshi Teaches Ladies On How To Snag Their Man

It is rather sad to see ladies having to learn how to fish for a man from a machine, but that’s the way things are at the moment. Bandai has just released its $27 Onna Dameshi (loosely translated as “Woman Test”), where this tiny handheld device comes with a monochrone LCD display that shows off a Tamagotchi-like game. In this game, one will learn just what is on the mind of men, and apparently Bandai has taken on a scientific approach before releasing it by surveying 1,000 single men throughout Japan on various subjects including fishing, romance and family. The whole idea is for the female players (as well as those batting on the same team) to hone their dating skills in order to “level up” their market value on the dating scene. Why can’t they just like, date an actual man to find out?

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