Google Android Running On Eee PC 701 Tutorial

We all know that the Google Android operating system was specially developed to run on cell phones, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot tweak it to run on netbooks as well. There should be lots of Eee PC 701s lying around now in second hand shops considering their rather paltry specifications, so why not pick one up and let Android rin on it? The instructions are meant for Ubuntu Linux, so if you’re interested in getting started on this program, you will need the following :-

  • Ubuntu-powered machine
  • Eee PC 701
  • USB flash drive (1GB ought to be enough)

Make sure you backup all the files you want on the Eee PC 701 before you begin as installing Android will wipe out all data, and make sure you’re really using an Eee PC 701 since these instructions are specially made for that platform and not other Eee PC devices. You are able to check out the rest of the detailed instructions here.

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