KDDI Introduces Sharp E05SH And E06SH

Secure business phones aren’t exactly on the top of executives’ shopping lists, but then again that’s probably why such handsets are only found in Japan since the rest of the world look at the cell phone differently. KDDI has a couple of business handsets from Sharp – the E05SH and E06SH. They’re pretty rugged as you can tell, sacrificing lightweight portability and a sleek design so that they can withstand shocks, falls, dust and even a splash of water without getting the stuffing knocked out of them. Targeting the business community, both handsets will feature the following :-

  • SDIO port, which can be connected not only to the memory card, but the expansion card to connect to WLAN and PHS networks
  • Fingerprint authentication
  • Remote locking/unlocking of phone
  • Restrictions can be placed on the use of the infrared port, Bluetooth and memory card
  • GPS navigation
  • Office document viewing
  • Bar code scanner (E06SH only)
  • 2.6″ 240 x 400 resolution display
  • 2 megapixel camera

No idea on how much either one would cost though, but seeing that it is tough and serious-looking, chances are you won’t be able to get them on the cheap.

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