EA Sports Active For The Wii

Electronic Arts wants to increase its influence in the Nintendo Wii platform by unveiling the new EA Sports Active exercise package, and they hope to usurp the Wii Fit as the best-selling fitness title on the console to date. Promotional videos are making their rounds as you read this, and in these videos, Electronic Arts claim that one will benefit from a much more serious workout with Sports Active compared to its rival, the Wii Fit. It will focus on cardio workouts and strength improvement challenges, and can be played by a single person or as a group. Not only that, you have a new peripheral to contend with this time round – a specially designed leg strap that will hold the Nunchuk as your hand grips the Wiimote, letting the software track both upper and lower body movement with greater accuracy. Expect to fork out $60 thereabouts for EA Sports Active.

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