Lenovo IdeaPad S20 To Break Restrictions

We are interested to see what Intel’s reaction will be when Lenovo breaks the former’s restrictions that prevents netbooks from coming with anything more than 10″ of screen size, as the Atom N280-based IdeaPad S20 will feature a 12″ display instead. For starters, we do know that Lenovo will lose out on preferential pricing for the N280 processor as they will have to fork out another $10 for it – and no prizes for guessing whether us consumers will end up paying for that difference or not. We do know that the IdeaPad S20 armed with an Atom N280 processor and GN40 chipset while running on Windows XP will retail for approximately $586, which is pretty pricey compared to similarly specified netbooks albeit with 10″ displays – that’s the price to pay for standing out from the crowd, eh?

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