Toshiba P10, S10 Pocket Camcorders

Toshiba just announced two small 1080p camcorders that seem very small. 1080p is a nice number to have, but given the size of the lens and the price ($185 max) they are surely entry-level camcorders. The S10 looks like a normal pocket camera, while the P10 is much thinner. They both record in H.264 and have 128MB of internal memory, which is not much. The real storage is an SDHC card. Here are the specifications. The S10 is sexier, but it remains to be seen the P10’s lens is better or not.

Common specs

  • HDMI out
  • 4x Zoom
  • 1080p recording, 5 Megapixel sensor
  • Available in May 2009
  • SDHC (32GB max)

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