vReveal from MotionDSP Fixes Your Crappy Video

vReveal is a standalone application that can enhance your digital videos by using algorithms previously used for military or law enforcement purposes. The principle of vReveal is simple: it is possible to improve each frame from a movie by gathering more information on the frames before and after it. Because more information is pulled from adjacent frames, it is possible to add information that was not in the original frame.

vReveal can attenuate the blocky aspect, stabilize or sharpen video footage. Because it is a consumer product, it is easy to use, but each process will be applied to the whole movie, although some are smart enough to do nothing if the image does not need fixing. vReveal is a complement to your video editing software, even if it has some basic editing controls.

It runs on any computer, but if you have a GPU that’s compatible with CUDA (well, a recent NVIDIA GPU) you will enjoy faster performance. In their tests, MotionDSP found the GeForce GTX280 to be 5X faster than an Intel Core Duo E6600. vReveal costs $50 and comes with a 30-day trial.

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