Acer AspireREvo Based on NVIDIA's ION Platform Just Launched

Acer just announced the first computer based on NVIDIA’s ION platform. Acer named it AspireRevo. It looks like a Nettop, except that it contains an entry-level NVIDIA GPU that is many times faster (10X, it’s the same GPU found in the recent Macbooks) than previous integrated solutions provided by Intel. However, Intel is still in the box, thanks to the presence of an Atom processor. We like the 4GB memory limit very much.


Just as NVIDIA planned, the box can run 1080p videos, output 7.1 surround sound audio and is compatible with DX 10 graphics, although don’t expect gaming performance. NVIDIA is now using “NVIDIA ION” is the official product line name in this segment.

We have not seen any Atom-based solutions that were good at recording TV (yet), regardless of which GPU they are using. It is something that’s needed to create a Home Theater PC based off this. This will ship with Vista Home Premium at launch, followed by Windows 7. NVIDIA says that it has 40 ION design-wins in many from factors. Pricing has not been released, but we expect this to cost between $350 and $450


  • Ion GPU, Atom CPU N230
  • Size: 180x1870x30mm
  • Up to 4GB pg DDR2–800 (dual channel)
  • Up to 250GB of storage
  • VGA, HDMI, eSata
  • 4x USB 2.0
  • 4:1 Flash card reader

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