BakerTweet By Poke London

There is nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked bread to greet your olfactory senses in the mornings, but thanks to the advancement in telecommunications, Poke London decided it would be even better to keep you updated remotely thanks to Twitter, coming up with the service known as BakerTweet so that you’ll always be up to speed with the latest items that are fresh out of the oven. The BakerTweet relies on an Arduino board and a Linksys Wi-Fi adapter, merged into a single, bakery-proof, simple-to-use box. The dial is used to scroll through a list of baked goods while the button will send out a pre-configured tweet. You will be able to customize messages or add new products via the web interface. The first BakerTweet is already in action at the Albion Cafe in London – hopefully you can persuade your favorite bakery to sign up, too.

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