Sony PS3 Slim is (finally) Official

After months of rumors that have started with the leak of pre-production materials, the Sony PlayStation 3 Slim (PS3 Slim) has finally been announced by Sony. The console is a cost-reduced version of the PS3 and is smaller, lighter and less power-hungry than its predecessor. It is in fact 33% smaller, 36% lighter and will consume less power than its predecessor.

The new $299 price, starting from today, should help Sony in terms of market share as the console has been deemed too expensive by many gamers who went on buying Xbox 360 and Wii consoles instead. Sony has also recently increase its efforts to get game exclusives, a proven recipe to win market share.

The console doesn’t look as slick as the older one (it’s cheap?) but is that really a problem? What do you think of the PS3 slim: it is a turning point for Sony? Video in the full post

More info on Sony’s blog, more photos on Flickr

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