HP Probook 5310m

Consumer laptops are all the rage, but corporations might want to save on the bling and get more bang for their bucks. That’s where the HP Probook 5310m comes in. It starts at $699, but it can take on any productivity tasks. It has a CULV dual-core CPU (model SP9300) and has a battery life of 6.5 hours (according to HP). The Probook 5310m comes with Quickboot, a linux-based OS that boots in seconds. You’ve seen that before but Quickboot gives you access to your Outlook Data and that’s kind of neat for office workers. Note that it gives you an access to the local Outlook data, not the actual Exchange server. That removes some of the cool, but we hope that a full Exchange access will appear soon. On the physical side, it is 0.9″ thick and weighs 3.7lbs.

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