Nokia booklet 3G overview (and pricing)

Nokia has been showing its 3G netbook around and by all accounts, the aluminum body and the overall construction level is great. As you have seen by now, the star of the show is the 12-hour battery life. Even if real-life tests show that it’s less than that, even 8-10hours will already trigger the interest of potential customers (more specifications). Unfortunately, Nokia has not integrated a backlit keyboard. It is something that they could have done, given that the Netbook retails for 575 Euros ($820). The second interesting thing, is that the Ovi store will feature Windows 7 applications. We’re curious to see how this distribution channel will affect Windows Developers.

All in all, the Nokia booklet 3G is a well-built machine and we’re anxious to see how much it will cost in the U.S (probably less than a straight currency conversion). With a carrier subsidy, Nokiacan do wellinthat space. Without subsidy, it will be much harder (photo courtesy of hardwarezone).

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