Nikon D3s: the first impressions are indeed good

Not surprisingly, the first comments about the Nikon D3s on the web seem very positive, including from professionals. We’ll refrain from forming an opinion until we see independent tests or play with it ourselves, but so far here are a few features that seem to pop – besides the obvious image quality.

  • 102400 ISO: as we said earlier, this sounds fantastic, although it remains to be seen how noisy it is. That said, I would personally take noise over flash any day, but it’s just me.
  • Sensor cleaning heaven: those who complained about the D3 lack of sensor cleaning can now rejoice. It’s there.
  • Built-in RAW processing: Being able to correct images directly from the camera can make a big difference. Balance, noise reduction, color space, format, JPEG compression Picture Control and exposure compensation can be tweaked from the RAW file.

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