Great Wall Cross PC U510 all-on-one machine

You can tell by its name alone, the Great Wall Cross PC U510, which country the device hails from. The full size keyboard itself envelopes an NVIDIA Ion chipset, 2GB RAM, a 250GB SATA hard drive and a 5″ TFT touchscreen display that has been embedded on the surface. Along with the aforementioned comes Wi-Fi connectivity, handwriting recognition capability and 3D graphics support. You won’t find any internal battery running this thing since it relies on external power, and you will require to hook this up to a standard display, HDTV or projector in order to work with it. Pity it doesn’t do dual displays, as that would definitely be a boon in this day and age of multi-tasking. At around $570 each, we’re thinknig whether a netbook would be a better toss up.

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