Moneual MiNEW V220 All-in-One PC

All-in-One PCs are starting to gain a strong following as modern home and office designs emphasize on better use of space, and these machines tend to offer a decent performance level while complementing your interior decor. Korea-based Moneual and their MiNEW V220 boasts a 100% aluminum chassis, where it will be powered by a variety of Intel Pentium processors depending on your budget, but otherwise the three variants share 2GB or 4GB RAM, a DVD Super Multi drive, the NVIDIA MCP7a chipset with a GeForce 9300 graphics chipset, HDMI connectivity, S/PDIF, a 22” LCD display and a 1.3-megapixel camera. Nice to know that you can get a spot of decent gaming in while taking a break from your daily office tasks regardless of the model you choose.

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