Broadcom’s Persona Tablet becomes a product, in Japan

[MWC 2010] Broadcom’s reference design known as Persona Tablet is capable of decoding two HD video streams simultaneously from a local storage or a network location. The tablet could be used as a super-fancy remote control on which you select a movie (or another media file), then play it wirelessly to an HDTV from the tablet itself. While the movie is playing, you can browse the web, run an app – or play a second movie. Well, a variant of this project is going to become a product in Japan. Cable operators (or their equivalent) are even considering subsidizing it, making it a free device – with a subscription. The Tablet runs on Android, has a 7” or 8” display and is a multimedia powerhouse, with capabilities like video compression + decompression, web browsing or 3D graphics. We can’t wait to try it during an upcoming trip to Japan.

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