Xperia X10's Lack Of Multi-touch Due To Hardware Limitation

Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X10 is certainly a pretty looking phone, but the lack of multi-touch has been an issue for many folks who were considering the purchase of this phone. Sony Ericsson has always promised that the X10 would be getting an upgrade to a newer Android version, but it seems that even an upgrade will not provide the much-desired multi-touch feature on the X10. This is because the lack of multi-touch on the X10 is not only software related, but hardware related too, as confirmed by product manager Rikard Skogberg. If the lack of multi-touch really is due to a hardware limitation, that’s going to be bad news, as it means that regardless of whether you root the device, or perform any software magic on it, you’re not going to get multi-touch on the Xperia X10. Despite this, do you still have your heart set on the X10?

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