Sharp FX lands on AT&T's network

Sharp is not a company that’s in the headlines very often in the cellphone world, but the company is relatively successful in the Japanese phone market, and it used to make SideKick phones for T-Mobile and this Sharp FX clearly reminds us of a sidekick… Just like its cousin, the Sharp FX is a “texter” phone that will be sold primarily to send SMS and emails, in addition to voice calls of course. On the feature side, it is very average: 3.5G, HTML browser, 2 Megapixel camera, GPS… nothing out of the ordinary these days — except for the Mobile TV feature. It’s not new, but it is surprising that a carrier is still trying to sell this, as it has been a flop for years. The Sharp FX should arrive on the market on July 25, at a cost of $100, plus a 2-year contract with about $60 worth of voice and data, which makes it comparable to an iPhone 3GS with the smallest data plan. Hum…

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