Copia introduces social reading platform

Copia intends to make e-reading more popular by rolling out a social reading platform to the public, but in the process decided that hardware was not the way to go, hence shelving plans to working on its own range of color e-readers. The Copia platform is actually an amalgamation of an e-bookstore and social media network, where it will merge the full reading, annotating and e-book purchasing functionality of Amazon’s Kindle app (albeit with a noticeably smaller library) with a slew of features that are offered by shopping sites with Facebook integration and social reading platforms, such as Goodreads. Copia can be downloaded as an app for the desktop and iPad, while other editions for Android, Windows 7 and various mobile platforms will have to wait. Will this be the next Facebook? Definitely not, but at least it offers a virtual place for birds of a feather to flock together, albeit missing that human touch. Where a real hug when you need one?

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