Joojoo 2, powered by Android

Fusion Garage will aim its Joojoo tablet towards business and verticals that are not consumer oriented. The company has reached an agreement with ASTEC Co. Ltd (a Japanese company) in which ASTEC will modify the tablet’s operating system (OS) to tailor it to enterprise applications. The local storage will also increase to 16GB (from the original 4GB). The plan is to sell the remaining stock of Joojoo, then move onto the next generation hardware powered by Android.


Yes you heard that right: Joojoo 2 will be powered by Google’s OS. It’s probably a better choice, because we just don’t see how Joojoo can attract developers in its current state. The new products will show up sometime in 2011, and it looks like Joojoo will try to find a niche for itself in markets that require 12″ devices — at least, that’s the hope of Fusion Garage.

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