WP7 developers complain about Marketplace payments, stats

While we really like the new Windows Phone 7 graphic user interface (check our Samsung Focus review) and even its software developer kit (SDK), it seem that some developers aren’t liking the way Marketplace has worked for them so far. According to Nicholas Yu (GoVoice app) and Justin James, it’s currently impossible for them to know how many apps they have sold (and therefore how much Microsoft owes them). To make things worse, they don’t even know when (eventual payments) will be coming their way. Justin James was apparently told by Microsoft that no developer payout would happen until 2011.

This is a bit bizarre because Windows Phone 6.x developers did not seem to have such problems, but it is always possible that WP7 apps are handled in a different way. Let’s hope for Microsoft and WP7’s sake that this will be solved shortly because developers risk delaying producing apps for the WP7 platform if they feel like things haven’t been ironed out.

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