Google’s Android is a pretty popular platform and there are plenty of apps for it. Now the Myriad Group AG has announced the launch of the Myriad Alien Dalvik, which allows Android apps to run on non-Android platforms unmodified. All that is needed is to repackage the Android Package (APK) files using Alien Dalvik and the apps should be able to run on the target operating system without any modifications.

The apps will be able to run on non-Android devices without any performance issues or missing functionalities. It sounds like a great idea and if it works as promised, will definitely be interesting, since it would allow non-Android devices to access some of the useful apps that makes Android an attractive proposition. Alien Dalvik is slated to debut commercially later this year for MeeGo and will be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress, so stay tuned! A video demonstration is available after the jump.

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