In about one month, Nintendo is going to take the wraps off its Wii 2 console. Expected is a console that will be a much-needed upgrade over the Wii and its motion controls, HD graphics, powerful processors and graphic chips that are beefier than the Xbox 360 and PS3 and an innovative new controller that is said to sport a six-inch touchscreen.

Mind you, that’s all rumors and speculation – but that’s the most logical information we have so far. The rumored name for the next console is also leaning heavily on “Stream” – a name that suggests game or video content will be transferred wirelessly between the console and controller.

Among the crazier rumors that are surfacing are these from NeoGAF. According to this so-called leaked info, the Nintendo’s next console will be called “Nintendo Feel” and its touchscreen controller will have haptic feedback that will emit different levels of pressure. In a game like Nintendogs, the gamer would be able to feel a dog’s fur.

Honestly, it sounds like a lot of hogwash, but you never know.

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