Netbooks are so 2008 – and with the advent of tablets (especially the all-conquering iPad 2), the netbook market has certainly stopped growing at previously giddy rates. Acer is not going to give up on their netbook range anytime soon, having announced the Aspire One Happy 2 netbook which is heading towards the US market, being powered by a dual-core Atom N570 CPU which is a slight upgrade over the previous generation N450 offering.

With the Aspire One Happy 2 netbook, you will still find the standard 10.1″ display, a 250GB hard drive, Wi-Fi connectivity, and disappointingly, 1GB RAM – which is half of what used to be there in its predecessor. The pastel colors comprise of “Banana Cream,” “Blueberry Shake,” “Strawberry Yougurt,” and “Papaya Milk”, and they do seem to appeal more to those who want a new toy without getting any serious mobile computing work done – all for $269.99 a pop. Cheery colors to usher in the summer, no?

At least the Aspire One Happy 2 netbook is extremely portable and lightweight, measuring an inch thin, tipping the scales at slightly more than 1kg. A built-in 0.3 megapixel webcam ought to do well enough for your basic communications needs if you’re going to pick one up. [Press Release]

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