If you’re tired of paying an extra $100+ for the Windows operating system on your netbook, you’re in luck. ASUS has announced that they will be releasing Eee PC netbooks with the Ubuntu operating system. In case you didn’t know, Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distributions available today. It features an intuitive user interface and comes with apps that try to make the migration from Windows over to Linux as easy as possible.

Suitable for beginners to advanced users, Ubuntu is touted to be safe, intuitive and stable. Best of all? It is fully-featured and free, letting consumers shave some costs off their netbook purchases. And with so many free and open source alternatives to commercial software available out there, most consumers can make do without having to spend a single cent on expensive “high-end” programs.

Three of the ASUS Eee PC models will ship with Ubuntu installed: the 1001PXD, 1011PX and 1015PX. The netbooks are available now, and more models will be made available throughout the year.

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