Remember that slightly more than a week ago, we brought you news of Citigroup’s network being hacked, with more than 210,000 North American customers being affected? Well, it seems that the picture wasn’t as “rosy” (relatively speaking, of course) as painted back then, where Citigroup has just been forced to reveal that the particular recent hack of its network exposed the financial data of over 360,000 customers – this is more than 50% of the original disclosed figure.

Strange that the company did not inform the general public in a big way concerning this, but instead they went about it silently without much fanfare at all. No idea on why the higher number was disclosed after the initial announcement, but according to the New York Times, said revelation came about after Connecticut’s attorney general and several other state regulators opened investigations into the breach and started to probe with more questions concerning the entire hack.

Guess the additional 150,000 people or so are now affected, so it is best to change your account password just to be on the safe side.

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