You just got to love the amount of creativity involved when it comes to HUGO BOSS’ latest launch of its Just Different fragrance, thanks to a cutting-edge digital experience known as the KINO film. You will need to make sure your computer or notebook is equipped with a webcam in the first place before starting to get the maximum effect. 


The whole KINO film intends to espouse the characteristics of the HUGO Just Different scent, pushing the idea of seeing things differently via new angles and perspectives. This interactive film requires you to tilt your head left or right (I have tried it and it is quite responsive), thanks to realtime head-tracking technology. This allows you to control the narrative with your own movement that you are comfortable with.

Of course, it gets old after a while but the initial experience is nothing short of fun. Just good to know that you can always rely on the standard keyboard settings if tilting your head from left to right in public is not something you are comfortable with.

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