Just how many Wi-Fi connections does your local Starbucks offer? Let us expand that a bit more and take roadshows and exhibitions like CES for example, surely at least a few hundred people are connected at any one time. Expand that vision further and what do you get? For starters, Kansas City’s Major League Soccer team, Sporting Kansas City, who recently moved into their new home stadium that has an 18,000 seating capacity will offer Wi-Fi connectivity to everyone there – simultaneously, of course.

This is perfect as every one of the 18,000 seats will allow fans to rely on their handsets (that has Wi-Fi capability, of course), to connect to a server to make a food order, check scores of concurrent matches elsewhere, perform live blogging and updating their Facebook accounts, perhaps?

Hopefully there is enough bandwidth to go around such a crowd. We wouldn’t bother trying to hold a Skype conversation with this though, as it might not be good enough for a decent long distance call.

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