You know how they say that the eyes of a person is the window to one’s soul? Well, the next time you want someone to look into your eyes, why not mesmerize them with a whole lot of bling? Known as ‘eye jewellery’, Shekhar Eye Research in Mumbai is offering contact lenses that are fitted with real diamonds and gold – we are talking about 18 diamonds which have been studded onto an 180-carat gold plate on a special lens.

It will cost a whopping $15,000 for each pair of the La SER brand lenses, where they will all be custom made and will feature a quartet of designs to choose from – diamonds on white gold, diamonds on yellow gold, or just gold or yellow gold. Of course, losing this pair of contacts is surely gonna make you cry, but then again, if you are rich enough to own a pair of these, surely they are but chump change to you.

Have you ever wondered though – what happens when the power in your eyes need some adjustment? What are you going to do with this pair of contact lenses – sell it to a pawn shop?

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