Amazon tabletCould Amazon be quietly confident about the chances of their new and upcoming tablet against other established players in the market? Perhaps, as we brace ourselves for a September 28th launch in a press conference. So far, rumors have swirled around Amazon’s tablet for the longest time already, where it will be sold at a far more affordable price compared to Apple’s offering, using the open source Android operating system to further keep costs down.

It is said that this new tablet will come with a 7″ display, where it will be able to hook up with Amazon’s numerous web properties, ranging from its Kindle service to the Amazon App Store. Chances are pretty low for an Amazon tablet UK release date to be announced this coming Wednesday though, since the UK still lacks access to the App Store which would make it pointless to release such a tablet across the pond.

Guess it is more or less confirmed now, so you can strike off the Amazon tablet release away from the rumor list. Moving on to other imminent product releases – which would stoke your fire the most? [Press Release]

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