Normally, the world operates on this particular principle that there is a price to pay for everything. Want smaller images on your website? No problem, as long as you do not mind image and photo quality there take a tumble. For photographers who constantly struggle at various points in their career concerning the resizing of their work images without affecting quality too much, here is a possible solution – an Israeli startup known as JPEGmini has a spanking new photo compression technology for JPEG photos that can reduce the overall file size by up to 5 times, all the while making sure that the photo’s quality and resolution remain pristine.


This technology will primarily target users on the Web, although shutterbugs who rely on online storage for photo archival purposes might want to give JPEGmini a go. This will help you upload and email your photos faster while helping you save on storage and bandwidth costs.

How does it work? JPEGmini technology involves analyzing the input image thanks to a unique quality detector that will imitate the human visual system. Once done, the maximum amount of compression that will not result in visible artifacts are applied, while a JPEG encoder will adapt the JPEG encoding process to the original photos, so that you end up with the most compact representation of the photos under the JPEG file format. The larger the photo, the higher the chances of reducing its size. Webmasters might want to check this out, no?

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