CoD: MW3
The official Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer trailer has just hit the internet and – we can’t say we’re that impressed. Compared to Battlefield 3’s multiplayer trailer, CoD’s engine is really showing its age. Regardless, it’s probably not going to change the minds of gamers who are going to buy the game anyway.

The just released video does contain some new information though. There will be a “Support mode” in the game which doesn’t reset kill streaks after death. No word on what Support mode really is, but we’re guessing it’s a different play mode that players can choose in the game. I guess it’s going to be the choice of mode for beginners who can’t rack up enough kills for the dreaded airstrike or feared helicopters (if they are still in the game). Expect loads of explosions and slowmo footage, check it out:

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