Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3For those of us who didn’t get to attend Call of Duty XP to have a hands-on experience with the upcoming Call of Duty game, there must be a lot of unanswered questions you have about the game’s Strike Packages. Well, the folks behind the game must have realized this because they’ve just posted up a video detailing how the Strike Packages in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 are going to work.

In previous CoD games, the only players rewarded were those with high kill and low death counts – players who preferred playing more supportive roles had a harder time achieving special abilities and attacks in the game. Well, Strike Packages were implemented in the game so that all sorts of players could be rewarded but albeit in different ways.

The Assault Strike Package will be for folks used to the old Kill Streak system, while the Support Strike Package is targeted at people more interested in team play and will unlock items such as radar jammers and so on and deaths won’t reset streaks. Lastly, the Specialist Strike Package will let players unlock new perks with every two kills, which at eight kills will give them every available perk in the game turning them into a super soldier.

This interesting system will make the game a lot more accessible to newer players, and make veteran CoD players feel at home at the same time. Pretty cool if you ask me. Check out the video explanation for yourself:

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