Don’t think that you will be able to type your text messages as well as emails in secret – not with this new iSpy (how apt) software which is capable of identifying all the text typed on a touchscreen display using a video footage of the screen. Heck, it is so smart that it can even rely on reflection in window on sunglasses to decipher just what you have typed, where video from a standard issue phone camera can be used to spy on someone from as near as 3 meters away. If you happen to carry a digital SLR camera that records HD video, then iSpy can decipher that text message from as far as 60 meters away.

Computer vision researcher Jan-Michael Frahm, of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill says that “We can be in the second floor of a building and read a phone on the ground,” going to show just how sensitive iSpy is. I wonder when did the government get hold of this software already, surely they have it in circulation for their intelligence gathering efforts?

The program is able to correctly identify letters more than 90% of the time, but I am rather curious to see how it handles other forms of input such as Swype – now surely that is going to boggle the software since no actual typing is done, just a sweeping motion of your thumb or finger, while making small circles at times to input a double letter.

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