mobislyderSmartphones are getting more popular than dedicated digital cameras these days when it comes to shooting photographs or taking videos, so it comes as no surprise that we have quite a lot of accessories to choose from when it comes to enhancing the photography capabilities of smartphones. From additional lenses to cases that make phones easier to hold, there is an abundance of accessories you can purchase to make the shooting/filming experience better (especially for the iPhone).


The folks over at Glidetrack have announced a new device called the mobislyder: a portable dolly that’s designed for small video enabled devices lets you recreate cinematic-style shots with handheld devices (that means no more shaky, Blair Witch Project/Cloverfield-style footage). The best part is: it costs a fraction of professional equipment, and is very portable. The mobislyder is also compatible with pretty much any handheld device that can fit within the clamps on the slider.

The mobislyder is up for pre-order now ($135) and will start shipping on December 12th, 2011. Find out more or check out a video promo of the mobislyder:

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