Amazon Kindle Fire

Some strange issues have cropped up with Amazon’s debut tablet, the Kindle Fire. According to reports online, and even Amazon’s own Kindle forum – quite a number of users have complained about their tablets having trouble connecting to WiFi networks. Other people have complained about the tablet being able to connect to WiFi networks, but they weren’t able to access the internet.

However it looks like all hope is not lost. Apparently quite a number of forum posters have reported that installing the latest Kindle Fire update (6.2) solves the issue. And if you’re wondering how the tablets installed the update without any internet connectivity, you’ll need to update it via the tablet’s USB port and restart your router to get it to work (though some posters have mentioned that it didn’t work for them).

In our review of the Kindle Fire, it didn’t exhibit such issues so we can’t say for sure what the cause of this WiFi issue is. Amazon has yet to publicly address the issue but let’s hope they don’t take too long to come up with a proper solution to the problem.

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