With our mobile devices getting more and more connected these days, we tend to isolate ourselves from other humans despite sitting on the same table. Ever noticed at the local Starbucks or McDonald’s, where a table of friends will see at least one or two folks tweeting over the phone or updating their Facebook status? Family affairs have a higher occurrence of that happening, and in order to regain that human touch which we all miss, Brian Perez has decided to come up with a game known as Phone Stack. The whole idea of Phone Stack would be to encourage face-to-face conversations, where everyone at the table will need to surrender his or her phone face-down – or stack it on a pile in the middle of the table. Whoever is the first to look at his or her phone will pick up the tab for the meal, and if the bill arrives before any of the phones are checked, everyone goes Dutch for this particular outing.

I do hope that the Phone Stack game would end up viral not only in the US but everywhere else around the world, and most folks who have given it a go thinks that this is one brilliant idea. After all, not shooting a photo of what you’re eating and uploading it on Facebook for once won’t make the world stop. Have you given phone stacking a go to date, and how do you find it?

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