Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) gamers feel that their request for fixes and bug issues were never answered and despite many chances given to Activision and Infinity Ward, it seems as if their pleas were ignored repeatedly. Members of the Modern Warfare Community feel that a blackout is the only way to get both companies to sit up and pay attention to their grievances.  The movement which started small seemed to amass a large amount of followers who have all agreed to darken the MW3 servers on the 20th of April 2012, by simply not showing up at all on that day. According to MW3 Blackout organizers, Modern Warfare 3 is an incomplete game and developers are making no efforts to fix the issues and bugs.

The list of issues which the organizers want Infinity Ward and Activision to fix are lag compensation, matchmaking options which include the ability to enable or disable local search and base search of the party leader when playing with friends, changes to the broken spawning system, full-featured theater mode including volume controls in options, TAC insert removed from kill confirmed, more hardcore game modes, better elite playlist options, objective states on in-game scoreboards, Akimbo machine pistol nerf, removal of any assault killstreaks from the support package, removal of deathstreaks and finally for them to fix LAN settings for competitive events. If I were to judge based on this list alone, I would agree that the game is in fact incomplete but without a statement from either Infinity Ward or Activision, it would be hard to come up with a conclusion regarding the matter. Will you be joining with the organizers to attend the Blackout come April 20th?

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