Amazon logoIf you find yourself constantly shopping at the Amazon Appstore, you might be interested to hear that the company is currently testing out an in app purchase service that could further up the ante and give the Apple App Store and Google Play a run for its money. This service has not been officially announced but was apparently revealed by Maria Ly, founder of Skimble Inc. and a seller of fitness programs who claims to have been involved in Amazon’s pilot program for about a month. Amazon has declined to comment on the issue.

In app purchases are one of the ways that allows developers to make money by offering up free apps, but allowing for in app purchases such a subscriptions or bonus items in games as a way to generate revenue. According to Maria Ly, Amazon is looking to charge developers a 30% commission from in app revenue, much like they are charging developers for app sales. No word on when Amazon plans to roll out this new service but we will be keeping an eye on this. After all, freemium apps seem to be the rage these days and it could attract even more developers to offer up their apps at Amazon’s Appstore.

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