Hear, hear! The Amazon Trade-In Program must have been rather successful, as it is still going strong today. For those who have an entire collection of CDs carefully purchased and compiled over the years, but have cruelly gone down the pecking order in terms of music format of choice, here is one way for you to recoup some of your investments. Surely you agree that the MP3 format is a whole lot more convenient and portable, never mind that the audio quality ends up as rather questionable compared to an audio CD, but there is always a trade-off somewhere. Amazon’s Trade-In Program now accepts CDs in exchange for Amazon’s gift cards.

In October last year, the Kindle was accepted by the Trade-In Program, so it is nice to see such a service extended to a far older technology. Amazon hopes that by doing this, the money received by the seller will then be reinvested in the purchase of MP3s from Amazon’s own digital music store. Money from the left pocket to the right, while netting a bundle of physical CDs in the process. Neat!

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