Have you ever wondered what it would be like if there were a video game that simulated the experience of building and managing a Linux Distribution? We’re not sure how many people actually wonder about that, but 2299 developer Bryan Lunduke certainly has thus the Linux Tycoon was born. It claims to be the only Linux distro simulation ever to be made and we are inclined to agree.

Just like other Tycoon games, the game will focus on the player building and managing a Linux distro. This ranges from fixing bugs, choosing software packages and keeping your file sizes low in an effort to get good evaluations and ratings from your peers. The good news is that no programming knowledge is required, so for those who us who have always envisioned what it might be like to be a programmer, this will probably be the closest we will get to that experience.

Linux Tycoon is available on Linux (obviously), Mac OS X with a Windows version currently in the works. For those interested in giving it a spin, head on down to Lunduke’s website where you will be able to purchase it for a mere $4.

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